The Kind Man - Aghaye Mehraban - آقای مهربان


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The Kind Man - Aghaye Mehraban - آقای مهربان

The Kind Man - Aghaye Mehraban - آقای مهربان

The Kind Man has been adapted from the tale of Imam Reza. The mother deer and her fawn meet new animals in a new woodland after the father deer gets killed by hunters. Impressed by the greatness of Mamun, the hunter who lives around decides to become his special hunter by offering a deer to him in order to get rid of poverty and cure his disabled son. Meanwhile, the animals in the woodland search for a suitable place to live due to draught.

داستان آقای مهربان برگرفته شده از داستان امام رضا است

Alireza Golpaygani (علیرضا گلپایگانی), Behnam Deldadeh (بهنام دلداده)


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