The Jar - Khomreh - خمره

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The Jar - Khomreh - خمره

The Jar - Khomreh - خمره

In the yard of an Iranian village school stands in the shade of a tree a large stoneware jar from which all the pupils drink fresh water. On an unfortunate day, the jar starts leaking. The schoolmaster tries hard to get a new one but in vain. The only solution is to have it fixed...

The water jar of a school in a desert is broken. The kids have no water. The teacher tries to get another one but he fails. A woman from the village decides to solve the problem and she provides them a new jar.

خمره آب مدرسه ای در حاشیه کویر میشکند. بچه ها بی آب می مانند. تلاش معلم برای به دست آوردن خمره ای دیگر بی نتیجه می ماند. زنی از اهالی روستا تصمیم میگیرد که این مشکل را حل کند و هم او باعث میشود تا مدرسه، صاحب خمره ای نو شود.


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