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The Jackal - Shoghal - شغال

The Jackal - Shoghal - شغال

The Jackal - Shoghal - شغال

In this thrilling heist caper, a group of criminals rob a jewelry store for their boss. However, relations between members of the group mean they can't always work around their feelings. When their boss orders them to carry out a perilous task for him, an act of treachery changes their lives forever. A crime thriller guaranteed to keep the audience hooked.

Due to some financial issues and in order to solve his familial problems, Yousef goes in a collaboration with Naser in a criminal group despite his own will. Through some criminal activities of the group, he meets a girl called Mahrokh who has a same destiny as Yousef. Mahrokh has had to do a deal because of her addicted father and his debts. Their encounter will lead to love between them and gives them the power to resist doing crimes and fight the criminals .

«یوسف» به خاطر تنگنای مالی برای سامان دادن مشکلات خانوادگی، علیرغم میل باطنی اش، با «ناصر» که یک گروه تبهکاری را سامان داده، همکاری میکند. او در جریان عملیات خلاف گروه، با دختری به نام « ماهرخ» آشنا می شود که سرنوشت مشابهی چون خودش دارد، « ماهرخ» به خاطر اعتیاد پدر و دیون خانواده، ناچار از معامله شده است، امّا آشنایی آن دو عشقی فیمابینشان پدید آورده و نیرویی به آن دو می دهد تا در برابر تبهکاری ها، مقاومت و مبارزه کنند.