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Undercover - Nofoozi - نفوذی

Undercover - Nofoozi - نفوذی

Undercover - Nofoozi - نفوذی
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In 2004, Fereydoun Kianfar returned to Iran along with a number of other prisoners of war left in Iraq. Two of the intelligence and security forces arrest and interrogate him for being famous for espionage, joining the Mujahedin organization and taking part in the martyrdom of some Iranian prisoners. On the other hand, Fereydoun's bad reputation has been making the life difficult for his family and has even overshadowed his son's marriage. Intelligence agents start investigating Fereydoun by talking to some of his cellmates in prison. They talk to Sadegh Jourabchi who is a capitalist now as well as Dariush Yahyavi, who was previously a member of Mojahedin Organization in Iraq and then repented., a semi- blind veteran called Mashallah enters their field of work and...

داستان زندگی اسیری را روایت می کند که بعد از ۲۰ سال به وطن بازگشته است. او وقتی به ایران می رسد دستگیر و زندانی می شود و این سرآغاز ماجراهای جدیدی میگردد.


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