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The Imperilled - Barzakhiha - برزخی‌ها


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The Imperilled - Barzakhiha - برزخی‌ها

The Imperilled - Barzakhiha - برزخی‌ها

During Iranian revolution some prisoners manage to escape the prison. In a border village they meet a man Yaqub who wants to convince them not to escape. They first mocking at him not taking him seriously but when the Iraqi army attacked the village and they watched Yaqub and people of the village sacrificing in trying defend their land they too change and begin to help the villagers defending the village.

On February 11, 1979, following the opening of the jails, some criminals are released too, and they all go together to escape from the country via ground borders. They encounter a man in a borderline village who has devoted his life to serving people. Through some events and following an attack by the enemy's army, they join people and fight against the enemy.

در ۲۲ بهمن ۱۳۵۷، با باز شدن در زندان ها عده ای جنایتکار هم آزاد می شوند که اتفاقا" در سفرشان به مرز برای فرار از مملکت همراه می شوند. در دهی مرزی آنها با مردی روبرو می شوند که زندگیش را وقف خدمت به خدا و مردم کرده است . طی ماجراهایی و حمله ی ارتش اجنبی ، فراریان به مردم پیوسته و به مبارزه بر می خیزند.


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