The Immigrants - Mohajeran - مهاجران


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The Immigrants - Mohajeran - مهاجران

The Immigrants - Mohajeran - مهاجران

Between years 1941-51, many immigrants went to the south of Iran to work in the oil companies there. A couple, Tal'at and Karamat also go there in hope of a better life. But Tal'at the wife who is pregnant catches leaper and they have to remain outside the city. The husband makes a tea-house and they stay there. An immigrant girl Manzar who had lost her parents, come to the tea-house and lives by them too.

در سالهای 1320 تا 1330 مهاجران بسیاری برای كار در كمپانی نفت جنوب راهی آن منطقه می شوند. «طلعت» و «كرامت» نیز به امید زندگی بهتری راهی جنوب می شوند. اما طلعت مبتلا به بیماری جزام می شود و ...


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