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The Hustler - Shetabzadeh - شتابزده

The Hustler - Shetabzadeh - شتابزده

دو نفر با سوء استفاده از شرایط خاصی كه جامعه در بعد از انقلاب داشت، شروع به مال اندوزی می كنند و در نهایت وقتی به هدف خود می رسند رو در روی هم قرار می گیرند و قصد نابودی یكدیگر را می كنند.

Two men misuse the critical situation that was going on after the Islamic revolution and start to accumulate wealth, and eventually, when they reach their goal, they turn against each other and have intentions to kill the other. In this stage, they face death which shows its face. Now, life seems different to them and each one starts to find a way to survive. This film attempts to show, through comedy, the behavior of two self-seekers against death.