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The Home - Ev - ائو

The Home - Ev - ائو

An old man has died and has left a will requesting his relatives including his only child, Sayeh, to give his body to the autopsy room of the city’s medical sciences university. Sayeh, as his only child and heir disagrees with her late father’s demand and refuses to deliver the body to the university. Different people try to convince her to do what her father requested in his legal will, but…

ماجرای این فیلم حول یک وصیت‌نامه می‌چرخد. مردی از دنیا رفته و همه دور جسد او جمع شده‌اند اما این جسد از چشم تماشاگر دور نگه داشته می‌شود. متوفی وصیت کرده که بعد از مرگ، جسد او را در اختیار دانشکده پزشکی برای استفاده علمی قرار دهند اما دخترش شدیداً مخالف است.

The story of a girl who returns to her father’s house after a few years of marriage; and upon her return, she faces her father’s unusual will.