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The Holy Cast - Fehreste Moghadas - فهرست مقدس

The Holy Cast - Fehreste Moghadas - فهرست مقدس

Najran is an economically powerful and exotic city which is run by the assets of Jewish financiers and moneylenders. In this city, some have become known as the proselytes- followers of Christ. These people start to oppose the corruptions and capitalism in the city. This opposition jeopardizes the financial security of merchants and moneylenders. The struggle intensifies until the ruling body orders to burn the proselytes but the proselytes insist on their faith and are burnt peacefully like Abraham.The hero of the story is a bandit from the city’s temple. He is offered to secretly murder the leader of the proselytes.This story is a free interpretation of a story in the Quran of people of Ukhdud in the fifth century AD.

فهرست مقدس روایتگر یک داستان تاریخی است که ماجرای آن در شهر نجران کشور یمن می گذرد و زمان آن به صد سال قبل از ظهور دین اسلام بازمی گردد....