The Hidden Half - Nimehye Penhan - نيمه پنهان


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The Hidden Half - Nimehye Penhan - نيمه پنهان

The Hidden Half - Nimehye Penhan - نيمه پنهان

An official is sent from his home in Tehran to hear the final appeal of a woman sentenced to death, a political prisoner. The official's wife of nearly 20 years, writes him a letter to read when he reaches the hotel; the story of her student days during the revolution of 1978. We see the story in flashbacks as he reads: she leaves her province on scholarship, joins a Communist youth group, avoids arrest, and comes under the sway of a suave older man, Roozbeh Javid, a literary-magazine editor. As she tells her husband about the hidden half of her life, Fereshteh asks that he listen to the woman facing execution, a woman and therefore one of Iran's hidden half.

A lawyer called Khosrow Mohtasham travels to Shiraz in order to handle a prisoner woman's complaint file. In his suitcase, he finds her wife's diary which covers some important parts of her life from the distant past to present. At the beginning of Fereshteh's diary, she points to the seventeen years of her marriage with Khosrow. She also implies that her husband needs to know more about her past life. She describes how at the beginning of the Iranian revolution, she came to Tehran, and while studying at the university, she got attracted to the left-wing political movements. At the same time, she fell in love with an old man called Roozbeh Javid, the editor of a literary magazine. Roozbeh also had feelings for Fereshteh even though he was married. When his wife found out about it, she asked Fereshteh to leave their life. In the meantime, Fereshteh came to a realization of the fact that many years ago, Roozbeh Javid, loved a girl called Mah Monir who had a wonderful resemblance to her. So Roozbeh liked Fereshteh just because she reminded him of Mah Monir and the memories he had with her. Fereshteh who was shocked about the recent events, tried to make a revision in her life and decisions. So she started to take care of an elderly woman whom she happened to become her bride later.

خسرو محتشم که کارش وکالت است برای رسیدگی به پرونده شکایت زنی زندانی روانه شیراز می شود. او در چمدان خود دفتر خاطرات همسرش فرشته صمیمی را می یابد که حاوی دقائق مهم زندگی او از گذشته های دور تاکنون است. او در ابتدای دفتر خاطراتش را با اشاره به هفده سال زندگی مشترکش با خسرو به لزوم شناخت بیش تر همسرش نسبت به گذشته تأکید کرده و سپس شرح داده است که چگونه در ابتدای انقلاب از شهرستان به تهران آمد و ضمن طی مراحل تحصیلی اش در دانشگاه، جذب جریانات چپ سیاسی و همزمان گرفتار عشق مرد پا به سن گذاشته ای به نام روزبه جاوید سردبیر فصلنامه ادبی شده است. روزبه که همسردارد به او علاقه میشود و زمانی که همسر روزبه، متوجه این احساس همسرش می شود از فرشته میخواهد تا از زندگی او و همسرش خارج شود. در این حال فرشته به این حقیقت دست می یابد که روزبه جاوید، سالها قبل عاشق دختری به نام ماه منیر بوده که شباهت فوق العاده ای به او داشته و حضور فرشته در زندگی روزبه جاوید، در واقع به نوعی خاطرات گذشته او را زنده کرده است.فرشته که از این اتفاقات جاخورده، سعی می کند تا تجدید نظری در روال زندگی اش به عمل آورد. پس او نگهداری زن مسنی را به عهده میگیرد که بعدها مادرشوهر او می شود.