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The Half - Nim - نیم

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The Half - Nim - نیم

The Half - Nim - نیم

Azar is a young girl who has been living on her own in a cheap accommodation since the death of her father and her mother’s new husband. Once for exterminating the rodents in the accommodation, it is being fumed so she has no choice but to stay for a few nights in her mother and her step-father’s home. IN the middle of the night the step-father attacks Azar in her room, but eventually her mother comes to rescue but ends up murdered in the hands of the step-father.Azar asks the judge for capital punishment. But there is a huge problem at her feet caused by the criminal law. According to the law, a woman’s blood money is half of the man’s. So Azar has to pay half of the step-father’s blood money to his family to be able to see him sentenced. It is a difficult task for Azar….

Some stains must be cleaned by something akin to a stain remover.