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The Gun - Aslaheh - اسلحه


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The Gun - Aslaheh - اسلحه

The Gun - Aslaheh - اسلحه

Heidar and Bahareh love each other and are going to marry, but Moslem who also loves Bahareh, puts a smuggled gun in Heidar's work place. Security forces arrest Heidar and so their marriage is ruined. When Heidar is in jail, Moslem tries to reach Bahareh but he fails and goes in a frenzy and kills her. Heidar is released from prison and once he finds out about the truth, he decides to take revenge. He kidnaps Moslem's sister, and after a while, she falls in love with him and marries him. Moslem who is pursuing them, eventually confronts Heidar and they go through a severe fight. At the end, Moslem is killed and at the same time Heidar's child is born.


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