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The Great Scuffle - Janjale Bozorg - جنجال بزرگ


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The Great Scuffle - Janjale Bozorg - جنجال بزرگ

The Great Scuffle - Janjale Bozorg - جنجال بزرگ

An old naïve man has an expensive coat stolen from him. From then on the old man, his son-in-law and his fiance are all trying to get their hands on this valuable coat.

The old man has two things to struggle with: the first one is to persuade his groom to buy a house as soon as possible and move to their own house with his daughter because they will no longer be allowed to live in his house. The second one is to take care of his money that he doesn’t want to put in a bank account and keeps in his jacket. One day, a thief who has entered the old man’s house wears his jacket to disguise and escape from the police officers. After that, the old man tries his best to retrieve his jacket with the help of his daughter, her husband, and the police officers. Some other thieves who have also become aware of the situation, start searching for the jacket.

پيرمر د دو مشکل دارد: اول اینکه دامادش را متقاعد کند که هرچه زودتر خانه ای تهیه کرده و همسر عقد کرده اش را از خانه او ببرد وگرنه اجازه ندارد که وارد خانه او شود! دوم حفاظت از پس اندازش که مایل نیست در بانک نگهداری کند و آن را به صورت نقدی در آستر کت خود جاسازی کرده است. یک بار سارقی وارد مجموعه آپارتمانهایی که پیرمرد ساکن آن است شده و برای اینکه خود را از تعقيب مأموران نجات دهد از غفلت او استفاده کرده و با پوشیدن کت او می گریزد. از آن پس کوشش پیرمرد، دختر، داماد، مأموران و بعد سارق و سارقین در به دست آوردن این کت قیمتی است.


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