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The Great Circus - Sirke Bozorg - سیرک بزرگ


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The Great Circus - Sirke Bozorg - سیرک بزرگ

The Great Circus - Sirke Bozorg - سیرک بزرگ

Between the years 1962 to 1967, Maharajah Rajew, a bankrupt circus owner, is forced to perform in a small Iranian town to earn for the survival of the remaining animals of the circus and his family. The show is not successful. His colleagues leave him. Maharajah Rajo, who is under pressure from creditors and also hiding a murderer in a bear's skin, escapes and leaves animals and the circus. The city authorities will auction the remaining property of the Maharajah among the creditors. In the auction, the murderer runs away. The main creditor, the butcher of the city, takes an elephant as his money and when he brings the animal home some new adventures take place,,,


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