The Governor - Farmandar - فرماندار


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The Governor - Farmandar - فرماندار

The Governor - Farmandar - فرماندار

A national television channel research group has investigated about the working method of a governor who’s served ten years ago (at the early years of the Islamic revolution) with a different mindset for a short period of time. While narrating his life during a one- or two-month period, in order to find the truth, they interview some of his colleagues, some in favor and some against him, as well as a number of the town’s people. As a result, they discover different views and opinions…

یک گروه تحقیق شبکه تلویزیون سراسری در مورد نحوه کار فرمانداری که ده سال پیش (اوایل انقلاب) با افکار متفاوت مدت کوتاهی انجام وظیفه نموده، به تفحص پرداخته و ضمن روایت زندگی یکی دو ماهه او، به منظور دستیابی به حقیقت با بعضی از همکاران موافق و مخالف او و چند تن از مردم شهر مصاحبه می کنند که نتیجه این بررسی و تحقیق، نظرها و عقاید متفاوتی را به همراه دارد...


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