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The Featherless Peacock - Tavoushaye Bipar - طاووس های بی پر

The Featherless Peacock - Tavoushaye Bipar - طاووس های بی پر

The Featherless Peacock - Tavoushaye Bipar - طاووس های بی پر
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The story of a woman named Tavoos who has a special job but after the death of her husband, her life face to challenges.

In a farm near Tehran: After Tavoos' wife passes away, although he knows that her death wasn't caused by a natural reason and has doubts that she might have been killed, he decides to fight his environment and its obstacles to have an independent life. There are some people in his life who have their own thoughts and try to influence him and his future. That's why he takes his wife's special job and goes to hunt birds traditionally every day. Others, who - each in their own way- are trying to dominate his life, bring stress to his life, but Tavoos is not going to compromise...

مزرعه ای در حاشیه تهران:
طاووس بعد از اینکه همسرش فوت میکند ارگهچه دریافته که مرگ وی طبیعی نبوده و ابهام هایی در این مورد که ممکن است به قتل رسیده باشد وجد دارد، معهذا او پیش از آنکه آدم های حاشیه زندگی اش هر یک با روحیه و تفکری خاص و آینده او اثر بگذارند، تصمیمش را میگیرد و به جنگ محیط و موانع آن می رود تا بتواند زندگی مستقلی داشته باشد، لذا شغل خاص همسرش را پیش گرفته و هر روز به صید سنتی پرنده ها می رود اما دیگرانی که هر یک به نوعی سعی دارند بر او مسلط شوند زندگی اش را دچار تنش می سازند، اما طاووس حاضر به سازش نیست...


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