The Father - Pedar - پدر


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The Father - Pedar - پدر

The Father - Pedar - پدر

Majid Majidi's internationally acclaimed drama follows the life of a 14-year-old boy, Mehrollah, who is forced to find a job to support his family when his father dies. After traveling to the southern parts of Iran to look for work, he returns to find his mother has taken a new husband. The revelation angers Mehrollah deeply, and starts him on a troubled path of crime and hardship. Will he find redemption and come to accept his new family?

مهرالله بعد از فوت پدرش، برای تأمین خانواده اش در شهر دیگری به كار مشغول می شود، اما هنگامی كه به دیدن مادر و خواهرش باز می گردد می فهمد كه مادرش با مرد مهربانی كه ژاندارم است ازدواج كرده.

Mehr-Allah is a fourteen-year-old teenage boy, who has lost his father. After his father’s death, he inevitably goes to one of the southern cities of Iran, as he has to earn money for his own and his family’s costs. As soon as he returns home, he notices some great changes within his family…

«مهرالله» نوجوانی است چهارده ساله که پس از فوت پدر برای تأمین امرار معاش خود و خانواده اش به یکی از شهرهای جنوبی کشور سفر می کند. در اولین مراجعت به زادگاهش، متوجه تغییراتی اساسی در خانواده می شود.....