The Face - Chehre - چهره


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The Face - Chehre - چهره

The Face - Chehre - چهره

The engineer Fereydoun Behnam, who has just returned from the United States, accidentally meets his old friend, Majid Ghane. Majid introduces him to a group of friends who hold friendly gatherings every now and then. In this group, GholamReza Mavedat, has every one else under his influence. Behnam has a plan to build a residential complex in the North and desires to build a superior township. The self-seeker members of the group show interest in participating in this project. Meanwhile, Behnam is acquainted to Soraya, Mavedat's daughter, and proposes to her. Soraya is unwittingly drawn into a game, which results in the identification of the true face of the people around her.

مهندس فریدون بهنام بعد از دوازده سال از آمریكا به ایران آمده و بطور اتفاقی دوست قدیمی اش مجید قانع را می بیند و در میهمانی های مجید و دوستانش شركت می كند و بعد از چند بار رفت و آمد با خانواده ی دوستان مجید، از ثریا دختر سرهنگ مودت خواستگاریمی کند.


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