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The End of the Power - Entehaye Ghodrat - انتهای قدرت


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The End of the Power - Entehaye Ghodrat - انتهای قدرت

The End of the Power - Entehaye Ghodrat - انتهای قدرت

On the way back home, Ali finds a wounded person who was assassinated by two person driving a motorcycle and informs his uncle, Amir, to take the wounded person whose name is Mahmoud to a hospital. Amir who is an information agent starts an investigation about terrorism. But after a short while, Mahmoud is disappeared. Mahmoud who was a member of a small group and helped them as a bomb planter is being followed by them because of some disputes and is finally murdered. Continuing his investigation, Amir recognizes their hidden place and causes them a lot of troubles.


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