The Devil's Day - Ruze Sheitan - روز شیطان


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The Devil's Day - Ruze Sheitan - روز شیطان

The Devil's Day - Ruze Sheitan - روز شیطان

A monarchist group in France has a subversion plan, which is supported by some American authorities as well. The first stage to implement their plan is to gradually import the parts of a small atomic bomb to Iran. The next stage is to place the bomb into a suitcase. A week before the arranged time, when the representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency are going to visit Iran’s nuclear facilities, the bomb should be exploded near the Azadi Stadium. Thereby, Iran will be accused of violating the nuclear weapons control contracts. Eleven persons import the bomb parts to Iran, while hiding them among their personal things. However, an accident causes the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence to find a part of the bomb, which…

یكی از گروهك‌های سلطنت طلب در پاریس طرحی برای براندازی در دست اجرا دارد و از حمایت بعضی از صاحبان قدرت در آمریكا برخوردار است. مرحله اول این طرح وارد كردن تدریجی قطعات یك بمب اتمی كوچك است


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