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The Devil's Dance - Raghse Sheitan - رقص شیطان


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The Devil's Dance - Raghse Sheitan - رقص شیطان

The Devil's Dance - Raghse Sheitan - رقص شیطان

A mob decides to throw a shell on the town during an important summit and destroy the summit building. The leader, Firouzkouhi, deceives the police through an elaborate scheme by making someone else to be identified and attacked as himself, so advancing his plan outside the spotlight. Major Hashemi is investigating the murder of a young man whose body was found in a shop, when a clue leads him to the sabotage case. According to Hashemi's investigations, the victim had been a political prisoner for many years and that he was killed because he refused to participate in the operation. In the follow-ups, Hashemi identifies one of the members of the mob named Simin, and with her help, manages to identify Firouzkouhi (disguised in Arabic clothes) on the top of a residential building. During a conflict between them, Firouzkouhi falls from the building and his plan of destroying the summit building fails.


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