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The Day Looms - Rooz Bar Miayad - روز برمی آید

The Day Looms - Rooz Bar Miayad - روز برمی آید

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Day Looms - Rooz Bar Miayad - روز برمی آید

Gripping drama focusing on the struggle of one couple, Forough and Jalal, to come to terms with their lives after the 1979 revolution. Hoping to escape the trauma of the past five years, which Forough spent as a political prisoner and Jalal spent in hiding from the security forces, they retreat to a quiet spot in the mountains to collect their thoughts and ponder the next move. Their past however catches up with them when they encounter an unassuming local who Forough suspects to be the man who routinely tortured her during her captivity. A dark examination of moral justification and the tempting prospect of vengeance.

اسفند ۱۳۵۷، «فروغ» فیلمسازی که سال ها تا پیش از پیروزی انقلاب، در زندان بوده، به همراه همسرش «جلال» که از انقلابیون است، به نیت استراحت، به نقطه ای کوهستانی سفر می کنند. غریبه ای به محل مسکونی شان وارد می شود که به مهندس شهرت دارد و «فروغ» یقین دارد که او بازجویش به هنگام زندانی شدنش بوده است...ادامه ی قصه، کشاکش این سه طی یک شبانه روز و تردید جلال به باورهای همسرش است و زمانی که حقیقت را درمی یابد سرنوشت تلخی در انتظارشان است

On February 1979, Forough, a filmmaker who has been in prison for years before the Islamic revolution, travels to a mountainous region with her husband, Jalal, to take a rest. A stranger comes to their place who is known as an engineer, but Forough is sure that he was her interrogator when in prison. The story continues with the struggles between these three persons during the next 24 hours. Jalal suspects his wife's beliefs and when he finds out the truth, there is a bitter fate awaiting for them.