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The Corridor - Dehliz - دهلیز

The Corridor - Dehliz - دهلیز

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Corridor - Dehliz - دهلیز

When Shiva’s husband Behzad is sent to prison on a manslaughter charge, she does all she can to maintain a sense of normality for herself and her young son, Amir Ali. Amir Ali, a first grader, has never met his father, and, at their social worker’s suggestion, Shiva decides that it is best for Amir Ali to meet Behzad. After initial trepidation, Amir Ali forms a close bond with his father. However, with the threat of execution looming on the horizon, Shiva must scramble ask the victim’s family for forgiveness. A heart-rending tale of a child’s newly discovered affection for his father, this film questions whether forgiveness for death is ever possible.

درباره ی داستان زندگی شیوا است که پس از به زندان افتادن شوهرش از امیرعلی ، پسرشان به سختی مراقبت می کند. امیرعلی که هم اکنون کلاس اول دبستان است متوجه میشود که پدرش در زندان است . پدر امیرعلی معلمی است که در یک درگیری خیابانی فردی را به قتل رسانده و در آستانه قصاص قرار گرفته است و…

The story of a woman named Shiva. She tries really hard to create a good and respectful life for her son and herself. With the arrival of a letter, their life changes and they face a new path.