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Cold Sweat - Araghe Sard - عرق سرد

Cold Sweat - Araghe Sard - عرق سرد

Afrooz is the captain of the Iranian women's futsal team. After 11 years of hard work, her dream comes true: Iran is in the final of the Asian Nations Cup. But when she embarks for Malaysia, she learns that her husband forbids her to leave the country.

Afrouz Ardestani is the captain of Iran women's national futsal team. With her winning goal, the national team reaches the final match of the Asian Games for the first time. The team is heading to Malaysia but at the airport, Afrouz finds out that she has been banned to travel abroad...

افروز اردستانی کاپیتان تیم ملی فوتسال زنان ایران است. با گلزنی افروز تیم ملی برای اولین بار به فینال بازی‌های آسیایی راه پیدا می‌کند و عازم مالزی می‌شود. در فرودگاه افروز درمی‌یابد ممنوع‌الخروج شده است ...