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The Cheque - Chek - چک

The Cheque - Chek - چک

The Cheque - Chek - چک

Despite their different characters and beliefs, four people are obliged to spend two nights and one whole day together as they are going to have their shares after cashing a cheque. Although they contradict each other in very possible way, each of them has to respect the others for at least thirty hours. But there is something else going on: everyone is looking for a way to take the whole money!

A few days till the new year, a female taxi driver named Gohar picks up a nice and kind old man named Bahrami who carries a black bag. Along the way, the other people also ride the taxi; a middle-aged man named Javadi who has been shopping for the new year, another middle-aged man named Darius that looks stylish and a young university student named Meysam. They began to talk about social, political and cultural issues when suddenly two bikers break the back window and steal Bahrami's bag but the other four are successful in returning the bag to its owner. Bahrami who is happy about this gives them a cheque for forty million Tomans to thank them so that they divide it among themselves. He was unable to give them separate cheques because he did not have enough of them. These four who have just met and are not really familiar with each other, are also unable to trust each other with the cheque, so that they can go home and rest till the next morning when they can cash the cheque. Cheque is left with Javadi and they decide to go to a motel together and stay the night but…