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The Bright House - Khaneye Roshan - خانه روشن

The Bright House - Khaneye Roshan - خانه روشن

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Bright House - Khaneye Roshan - خانه روشن

When Sohrab returns to Tehran after ten years abroad, he makes it a priority to see his old friend, Kioumars, a teacher and respected figure in the community who treated him like a son. However, he gets a terrible shock over the phone when he speaks to Monir, Kiousmars' wife. Teetering on the brink of homelessness, Sohrab makes it his mission to connect with Kioumars' daughter, who suffers from depression. Traumatised by recent events, Arghavan seldom leaves her darkened room, and refuses to communicate with those around her. As Sohrab, who has suffered his own losses, struggles to return light to Arghavan’s life, he learns about the nature of hope, not just in others, but in himself. This beautifully filmed drama is a thoughtful exploration of grief, loss, and redemption.

«سهراب» که سال ها پیش از این مهاجرت کرده، به وطن باز می گردد و تلاش می کند تا نامیدی های خود را کنار بگذارد و در همین راستا به دیدار استاد و دوستش کیومرث می رود، اما او فوت شده است.
دختر استاد، «ارغوان » از غم از دست دادن پدر و همچنین بی وفایی معشوق، که او را به خاطر نزدیک ترین دوستش «ندا» ترک کرده، کنترل روحی اش را از دست داده و تاریکی و انزوا را برگزیده است.
حالا «سهراب» در شرایطی قرار گرفته که نه تنها باید ناامیدی های خود را کنار بگذارد که بلکه باید امید نیز بدهد. او بر یاس خود غلبه کرده و می رود... می رود به جایی که باید بذر امید را برای دل خاموش دختری جوان و ناامید بپاشد...

Sohrab who has migrated abroad years ago, returns to the country and tries to be hopeful. He goes to meet his professor, Kiomars, but he has died. Kiomars' daughter, Arghavan, has lost her mental control due to the father's death as well as her lover who was cheating on her and has left her to go with Neda. She has decided to be alone. Now Sohrab is in a situation in which he should not only put his concerns aside but also to make Arghavan hopeful too. He overcomes his despair and goes to her. He goes to plant the seeds of hope in the heart of a young disappointed girl.