The Boss - Raees - رئیس
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The Boss - Raees - رئیس

The Boss - Raees - رئیس

A young guy Siamak has a list of 25 youngsters in his pocket. He has to deliver drugs to them but his father Reza is coming from abroad after many years. He was a runaway but now wants to be a good father for his son.

Reza is a fugitive criminal. He is worried about the situation of his only son, Siamak. So he secretly returns to his homeland to see what's going on his son. Saeed, who is heavily addicted to drugs, is trapped by a gang leader called The Boss, and does everything the boss asks for.. Saeed has a list of twenty-five young costumers whom he has to bring drugs to on a daily basis. Although he is struggling with the dirty world he is involved with, he still has hope. He is in love with a girl who is also addicted and captive in The Boss's gang. Reza, who used to be a criminal but has been relinquished the crime for some time, has a friend of his youth who is now a policeman. The policeman has been trying to capture Reza and also The Boss. But for now, he ignores Reza's case and they both try to find The Boss.

«رضا» که یکی محکوم و فراری است، اما از آنجا که نگران موقعیت تنها فرزندش «سیامک » است، خطر کرده و مخفیانه به وطن باز می گردد و مترصد احوال پسرش می شود...
« سعید» که به شدت گرفتار اعتیاد شده، چنان در دام سرکرده ی باند ملقب به «رئیس» گرفتار آمده، که هرگونه خلافی را با اشاره ى « رئيس» انجام می دهد. «سعید» لیستی در جیش دارد که باید هر روز به بیست و پنج جوان، مواد مخدر برساند...
«سعید» که سخت در گرداب و تیرگی دست و پا می زند، اما هنوز یک دلگرمی و امید دارد، او شیفته ی دختری است که در باند رئیس، چون او معتاد و اسیر است...
رضا، که خودش خلاف بوده اما بعداً راهش را جدا کرده، دوست دوران جوانی اش را دارد که اکنون پلیس است، دوستی که هم او را می خواهد و هم رئیس را و حالا، عجالتاً هر دو به دنبال رئيس می روند.