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The Border - Marz - مرز


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The Border - Marz - مرز

The Border - Marz - مرز

An injured horseman enters a border village where is not so far from the border police station. The horseman dies after expressing some vague sentences about the enemy attack. According to an advice from the village alderman, Yavar and some other young men are sent to a canyon around the station. A man called Mokhtar (a former sergeant who was fired in the previous government) helps the young men to face the enemy. They prevent the enemy from entering the country until the army finally arrives.

اهالی یك روستای مرزی با خطر حمله ی نظامی ارتش دشمن مواجه می شوند. ریش سفید روستا اهالی را به مقاومت دعوت می كنند. یك استوار اخراجی ارتش به نام مختار، كه تا آن لحظه از مردم كناره می گرفته، روستاییان را آموزش نظامی می دهد .


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