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The Book of Law - Ketabe Ghanoun - کتاب قانون

The Book of Law - Ketabe Ghanoun - کتاب قانون

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German, Serbian, Turkish and +20 more languages

The Book of Law - Ketabe Ghanoun - کتاب قانون

Engineer Rahman Tavana, a government employee, falls in love with a Christian girl, Juliet Khamse, while working in an international mission. She converts to Islam, changes her name to Ameneh, and moves to Iran with Rahman. Once in Iran she finds that she cannot accept what she sees as contradictions between the actions of Iranian Muslims, including her husband and his family, and the teachings of the Qu'ran.

Mr. Rahman Tavana,an engineer, and a civil servant,is given a mission out of Iran.. There, he falls for a beautiful girl, who is Christian. Following some incidents, the girl converts to Islam and accompanies Rahman to Iran. However, this is the beginning of many other incidents. As the girl has converted to Islam with total awareness, there occurs a harsh challenge between her and those who are Muslims just because they are born muslims. Moreover, many gaps are formed between the girl, Rahman, his family, his colleagues, and all those people who do not consider Islam laws and conventions in their behaviors and their words. Gradually, the gaps become broader, and it gets to a point that the girl decides to abandon Iran and her husband. Nevertheless, the occurrence of a national catastrophe (Bam earthquake) gives her a new insight of a nation, who despite their slight weaknesses, act heroically when a danger happens and depict a new meaning of unity and consistency.

مهندس رحمان توانا، كارمند عاليرتبه ي دولتي، در مأموريتي خارج از كشور، به يك دختر زيباي مسيحي دل مي بندد. پس از ماجراهايي، سرانجام دختر به دين اسلام مشرف مي شود و به همراه رحمان به ايران باز مي گردد. اما بازگشتش آغازگر ماجراهايي تازه است. از آنجا كه او به اختيار خود و با آگاهي كامل به اسلام گرويده، چالش جدي ميان او و كساني كه از طريق شناسنامه مسلمان هستند در مي گيرد. اختلافاتي ميان او و رحمان، خانواده رحمان، همكاران او و همه ي كساني كه مناسبات و احكام شرع را در رفتار و گفتارشان رعايت نمي كند. بتدريج ادامه ي اين اختلافات، گسترده تر مي شود تا جايي كه نومسلمان قصه ي ما، تصميم به ترك ايران و گسستن از همسرش مي گيرد. اما وقوع يك فاجعه ملي (زلزله بم) شناخت تازه اي از يك ملت به او مي دهد. كساني كه با همه ي ضعفهاي كوچك و ناچيزشان، در وقت خطر، حماسه آفرين مي شوند و معناي تازه اي از اتحاد و انسجام را به نمايش مي گذارند.