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The Big Trouble - Dardesare Bozorg - دردسر بزرگ


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The Big Trouble - Dardesare Bozorg - دردسر بزرگ

The Big Trouble - Dardesare Bozorg - دردسر بزرگ

'The Big Trouble' is a delightful comedy brimming with action, suspense and countless moments of laughter. A group of amateur crooks find themselves working with a helpless womanizer who, as it happens, is also a successful criminal - all in the aid of uniting and stopping their internal disputes. The unforgettably animated performances of the cast highlight their clumsy efforts to steal money and an assortment of other valuables. Coupled with their remarkable failures, this team of unlawful amateurs are masters at causing trouble.

فیلم دردسر بزرگ داستان رجبعلی است که از روستا به پیش پسر دایی اش سیامک رفته است. کار سیامک فریب دادن دختران با دادن قول ازدواج به آنها و اخاذی از آنهاست ولی حالا مجبور است رجبعلی را در نقشه هایش شریک کند…

A youngster is put in different situations while trying to succeed in gaining a job, and it leads him to be misused by others and change his mind…