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The Big Struggle - Jedale Bozorg - جدال بزرگ


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The Big Struggle - Jedale Bozorg - جدال بزرگ

The Big Struggle - Jedale Bozorg - جدال بزرگ

The captain of a passengerboat in the south, seems to get murdered by his copartner, but in fact the murderer is the Judge of the city, so he is the one who prevents the research for finding the murderer. Adel, one of the captain's sons who has arrived to south to ask the death penalty for the murderer of his father, kills him in a struggle and then injures the Judge, but he gets arrested with his brothers. Finally, the Judge is assassinated by one of captain's copartners.

ناخدای یك لنج مسافركش در جنوب، ظاهراً توسط شریكش به قتل می رسد، حال آنكه مسبب اصلی قتل قاضی شهر است و هم اوست كه مانع شكل گیری تحقیق در خصوص شناسایی قاتل می شود.


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