The Bear - Khers - خرس
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The Bear - Khers - خرس

The Bear - Khers - خرس

During Iran-Iraq war Noor Aldin who is a carpenter is missing. He is captured by Iraqi army. After 8 years he returns home, but finds out that in his absence his wife is married to another man.

نورالدین که زمانی از راه نجاری روزگار می گذراند، در جریان جنگ تحمیلی مفقودالاثر می شود. او بعد از هشت سال به خانه و کاشانه خود بر می گردد غافل از اینکه همسرش...

Noradin who was a carpenter, is lost during the Iran-Iraq war. He returns home after eight years not knowing that his wife…


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