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That Traveller - Aan Safar Kardeh - آن سفر کرده

That Traveller - Aan Safar Kardeh - آن سفر کرده

That Traveller - Aan Safar Kardeh - آن سفر کرده
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Rahman lives in a small village with his disabled father and two sons Seyfollah and Hojjat. Hojjat has moved to the city to work in a factory, and Seyfollah is thinking of joining him. Rahman, meanwhile, works in the stables owned by the village chief, but is being pressured by his father to take up work on the family farm. The chief has designs on Rahman's family's land, and the two frequently clash on the matter. But when the stable manager is killed, events come to a head in ways that could threaten the future of the entire village. A fascinating look at the difficulties that are often part and parcel of family responsibilities.

رحمان كه با پدر پیر افلیجش، باباحمزه، در روستا زندگی می كند دو فرزند دارد: سیف الله و حجت. حجت به شهر مهاجرت كرده و در كارخانه ای مشغول كار است. رحمان كه در گاوداری ارباب ده كار می كرده به توصیه پدرش در زمین مزروعی شان مشغول كشت و كار می شود.


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