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Temple of the Heart - Ma'bade Jaan - معبد جان

Temple of the Heart - Ma'bade Jaan - معبد جان

A tree that is said to be able to cure any ailment has become the talk of the village. A local farmer Khalil however refuses to believe it is everything the others say it is, even refusing to use its power to cure his own child's deafness. As a result, he and his wife Golaab are outcasts, shunned even by their own family. Things come to a dramatic head when Khalil disappears and the others come to believe he has been cursed for his heresy. An insightful drama that examines the divide between faith and superstition.

در روستایی عده ای شیاد با مقدس جلوه دادن درختی قصد دارند اهالی روستا را فریب دهند.

Yaser Ansarian
Ghodratollah Fathi
Make up
Costume Designer
Azar Shabani Nejad
Set Designer
Hojjat Rahimi