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Taab - Tab - تاب

Taab - Tab - تاب

Taab - Tab - تاب

Director Pooyan Shahrokhi's biographical documentary about poet Samad Behrangi, 'Taab', is as much a touching portrait of the man of letters as it is an expose of his life as a politically and socially aware writer. Samad Behrangi (1939 - 1967) was an Iranian Azerbaijani poet, author, translator and short story writer, as well as a teacher and social critic. He is famous for his children's books, particularly 'The Little Black Fish'. Influenced by predominantly leftist ideologies that were common among the Iranian intelligentsia of his era, his books typically portrayed the lives of the children of the urban poor and encouraged the individual to change his/ her circumstances by her own initiatives.

این فیلم روایتی است مستند از زندگی و مرگ "صمد بهرنگی" نویسنده برجسته کودکان و معلم جوان روستاهای آذربایجان