Sunglasses - Eynake Doodi - عینک دودی

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Sunglasses - Eynake Doodi - عینک دودی

Sunglasses - Eynake Doodi - عینک دودی
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Women's rights advocate Mina is feeling jubilant about her impending divorce from Sina. Well off, settled in her career, and confident, Mina looks forward to starting life anew as a 'free' woman. When they arrive at the divorce court, however, the couple are forced to look beyond their own circumstances when they encounter a young woman who is being forced by her family to marry the financially troubled Naser. When the young bride, also named Mina, takes drastic action to avoid her wedding, Mina and Sina find themselves embroiled in the younger couple’s lives. As they try to help the younger couple work through their issues, Mina and Sina examine their own relationship in a new perspective. A touching, comedic look at marriage.

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