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Sunglasses - Eynake Doodi - عینک دودی


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Sunglasses - Eynake Doodi - عینک دودی

Sunglasses - Eynake Doodi - عینک دودی

Women's rights advocate Mina is feeling jubilant about her impending divorce from Sina. Well off, settled in her career, and confident, Mina looks forward to starting life anew as a 'free' woman. When they arrive at the divorce court, however, the couple are forced to look beyond their own circumstances when they encounter a young woman who is being forced by her family to marry the financially troubled Naser. When the young bride, also named Mina, takes drastic action to avoid her wedding, Mina and Sina find themselves embroiled in the younger couple’s lives. As they try to help the younger couple work through their issues, Mina and Sina examine their own relationship in a new perspective. A touching, comedic look at marriage.

Mina and Sina who are a wealthy couple go to a notary public to get divorced in spite of the opposition from their relatives. There Mina meets a young girl with the same name as hers. She doesn't want to marry the boy, Naser, who has been chosen by her father. Mina helps the girl escape, and both Naser and the girl's father pursue them while they have pledged Sina. Mina contacts her friend, Mitra Mahdavi, who is a lawyer to find a way for helping the young girl. Naser, the girl's father, and Sina keep searching to find the girl, and finally Naser and his future wife, Mina, figure out that they actually love each other. Mina and Sina prefer to stay together instead of getting divorced, although they keep arguing with each other.

مینا وسینا، که زوج مرفهی هستند علیرغم مخالفت اطرافیانشان، راهی محضر می شوند تا از هم جدا شوند. در محضرمینا، با دختر جوانی که هم نام اوست، آشنا می شود. دختر جوان نمی خواهد با جوانی به نام ناصر که پدرش برای او انتخاب کرده، ازدواج کند. مینا دختر جوان را فراری میدهد و ناصره و پدر دختر نیز در حالی که سینا را گروگان گرفته اند، با اتومبیل به تعقیب آن دو می پردازند. مینا با دوستش میترا مهدوی که وکیل دعاوی است تماس می گیرد و از او در جهت کمک به دختر جوان، یاری میطلبد. جست وجوهای ناصر، پدر دختر و سینا، برای یافتن دختر جوان ادامه می یابد و سرانجام بعد از تعقیب و گریزهای مکرر، سرانجام ناصر و همسر آینده اش مینا درمی یابند که یکدیگر را دوست دارند. سینا ومینا نیز در کنار هم بودن را به جدایی ترجیح میدهند، هرچند که جر و بحث هایشان تمامی ندارد.