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Sun Station - Amin Khahim Goft - آمین خواهیم گفت

Sun Station - Amin Khahim Goft - آمین خواهیم گفت

Sun Station - Amin Khahim Goft - آمین خواهیم گفت

When the bridge is being renovated, Hassan, who is in charge of the old cable car of the river, finds the opportunity to decide which people can cross the river. Each of them has a different story and a different reason to cross the river by the old cable car. Hassan's friend, Asghar, helps him drive the cable car and take the passengers across the river. The eye-catching central location is a burnt-out train wreck that’s home to Qader, a grumpy old railway employee who shares quarters with Hassan. When the friendship between Hassan and Asghar deepens, they both reach a new understanding of the realities of life and their surroundings... Centered on a trio of misfits whose lives intersect along a railroad line in a remote mountain location, the pic is a visually interesting, emotionally rewarding meditation on loneliness and the healing power of friendship.

فیلم آمین خواهیم گفت ساخته سامان سالور که بعد از ۵ سال در سال ۹۴ اکران شد داستان زندگی حسن است که پس از خرابی و تعمیر نشدن پل ایستگاه هفت، مسئول وسیله ابتدایی می شود که می تواند مسافران و کالاها را از روی رودخانه عبور دهد و گرگر نام دارد، او با این اتفاق قدرت پیدا می کند و انتقال افراد مختلفی که قصد عبور از رودخانه را دارند در زندگی معمولی و تکراری حسن باعث بروز مسائلی می شود...

Hassan Gargar is responsible for moving the residents of a borderline village from this side of the river to that side. His land lord, Ghader Ghomi, is an elder of the village and the story is about the interactions of people with Hassan while passing the river.