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Subdued - Rage Khab - رگ خواب

Subdued - Rage Khab - رگ خواب

Mina has recently gotten divorced from her drug addict husband. With her mother deceased and estranged from her father, she leads an independent life. After finding a job in a restaurant she strikes up a friendship with her attentive manager. She starts having feelings she has never experienced before. These feelings, eventually shared, are shaken when the manager begins to distance himself from her. Therefore a tumultuous emotional journey begins for Mina…

فیلم تحسین شده رگ خواب با بازی لیلا حاتمی و کارگردانی حمید نعمت الله داستان مینا زنی که تازه طلاق گرفته و به دنبال خانه و کار جدید می گردد. و با مردی آشنا می شود که به وی سرپناه میدهد ولی ...