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Strait - Tangna - تنگنا


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Strait - Tangna - تنگنا

Strait - Tangna - تنگنا

Naderi's second film is set in the slums of Tehran. Hanging out in a pool hall, Ali Khoshdast becomes involved in a brawl with three brothers, and accidently kills one of them. He runs for his life, eventually taking refuge in the home of a young woman. The victim's brothers continue the chase, and finally close in on him. Following the murder, streets, alleys and houses that were all part of Ali's everyday world suddenly become dangerous and hostile. Although in many ways a classic tale of revenge, Naderi uses this story to imply that an underlying violence pervades society, ready to burst forth with or without justification.

Ali Khoshdast is living a confused and pointless life until one day in a billiard game he picks a fight with three brothers, and one of them accidentally gets killed by Ali’s knife. Thereafter, he is always on the run and his only shelter is the girl he loves, Parvaneh. Finally, one of the brothers, Mustafa, hits Ali to death, and when the police comes and arrests Mustafa, Ali has no chance of staying alive.

" علی خوش دست " زندگی را سرگردان و بی هدف دنبال میکند تا اینکه در جریان بازی بیلیارد با سه برادر درگیر شده و یکی از آنها اتفاقی با ضربه ی چاقو علی کشته می شود. از آن پس علی دائما" در حالت فرار به سر میبرد. تنها پناه او "پروانه" دختر مورد علاقه اش است و سرانجام "مصطفی " -- یکی از برادرها - او را که زخمی شده است تا پای مرگ می زند و وقتی پلیس از راه میرسد مصطفی را گرفتار می کند که علی شانسی برای ادامه زندگی ندارد.