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Stone Lion - Shir Sangi - شیر سنگی‌


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Stone Lion - Shir Sangi - شیر سنگی‌

Stone Lion - Shir Sangi - شیر سنگی‌

The body of an English man who is been killed with a scythe is found in the Bakhtiary's area. Khoda Morad whose job is making stony lions with another man Kohyar bury the body. An officer A'meri with an English diplomat guiding him come to investigate in the murder case and arrest the murderer. They accuse Kohyar of the murder causing a dispute between people there.

Ali Yar is a tribe man who is annoyed of the tribal settlement order. When a member of his tribe is arrested in charge of a murder of a British man, he stands against the government officials. The government which is seriously seeking to find the British's assassin, asks for Namdar Khan and his tribe's help who are assigned in the same area to protect the oil pipelines. Thus, a brother stands against his brother.

" علی یار" ایلاتی رنجیده از فرمان اسکان عشایر در برابر دستگیری یکی از افراد ایلش به جرم قتل یک انگلیسی در برابر عوامل حکومتی قرار میگیرد. حکومت که سریعا" در پی یافتن قاتل انگلیسی است از نامدارخان و ایلش که به نگهبانی لوله های نفت در همان حوالی ساکن شده اند کمک می گیرد. برادر در برابر برادر می ایستد.