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Bee's Sting - Nishe Zanboor - نیش زنبور


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Bee's Sting - Nishe Zanboor - نیش زنبور

Bee's Sting - Nishe Zanboor - نیش زنبور

Two friends from two different economic and social classes have had a good time together. As long as one feels that he is no longer in the least. The two find each other and their relationship re-forms, but there is always a sense of misunderstanding between them.

Two friends from two different social classes have spent good days together.. Some day, one of them finds out that the other one has betrayed him. They meet each other again and reestablish their relationship but there are some troubles now.

دو دوست از دو طبقه اقتصادي و اجتماعي متفاوت روزگار خوبي را با يكديگر گذرانده اند. تا اينكه يكي احساس مي كند ديگري به او نارو زده. اين دو باز يكديگر را مي يابند و رابطه‌شان از نو شكل مي گيرد اما همواره احساس بدبيني و سوءتفاهم ميانشان وجود دارد.