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Spare Tire - Zapas - زاپاس

Spare Tire - Zapas - زاپاس

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Spare Tire - Zapas - زاپاس

Borzo Niknejad’s second feature film ‘Zapas’ starring Amir Jafari and Javad Ezzati, is, award-winning comedy. It follows an amateur football team’s unexpected promotion to the professional league. Unfortunately team’s top player picks up an untimely injury, definitively ruling him out for the season. As a result their coach along with the people of the team’s small town, scramble to prepare for championship glory.

یک تیم فوتبال متعلق به اهالی شهر رامیان که در دسته سوم کشور فعالیت می‌کرده‌است به دسته دوم صعود می‌کند، سعید با بازی جواد عزتی در نقش اصلی در این راه در آخرین لحظات بازی آخر دچار مصدومیت تاندون پا می‌شود و سلامتی اش به خطر می‌افتد و …

The deepest cold water spring in the world is located in Ramyan and this story is about how the young boys of this city have to go to this spring in order to become men.