Son of Mary - Pesare Maryam - پسر مریم

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Son of Mary - Pesare Maryam - پسر مریم

Son of Mary - Pesare Maryam - پسر مریم

Rahman is a milk delivery boy and mosque crier in a small village. Delivering milk amid the village's preparations for Ashura, he befriends a local priest, whose own preparations for the Feast of St. Mary go unnoticed by everyone except young Rahman. Much to the chagrin of his father and grandmother, Rahman assists the priest with his preparations. When the priest is injured falling from a ladder, Rahman elects to travel to the city to find the priest's brother. Against the backdrop of the festival, Rahman finds himself changed by his simple act of kindness as he learns of faith, loss and the righteous path of all of God's children.

Rahman, a young Muezzin in the village of Goulan - near Urumia - helps her grandmother in distributing milk around the village. He is also very compassionate towards the old priest of the village. The pictures of Saint Mary (His mother's namesake who died at his birth) also draws him to visit the church frequently... After many years, a ceremony is to be held at the church, but an unwanted incident happens and the priest is taken to the hospital. Rahman goes to his rescue and finds out that he wishes his nephew George to come visit him. Rahman leaves him with his blind friend, Davoud, and goes to find George. Rahman and Davoud try to prepare the church for the ceremony, but George tells them that the priest has passed away. Yet he sends Rahman a card with Mary's picture before passing away.

رحمان مؤذن نوجوان و خوش صدای روستای گولان - در حوالی ارومیه - هر روز به مادربزرگش در توزیع شیر به اهالی، کمک می کند و نسبت به کشیش پیر و تنهای روستا نیز احساس دلسوزی و محبت خاصی دارد، ضمن این که شمایل حضرت مریم (س) - هم نام مادرش که به هنگام به دنیا آوردن او فوت شده - در کلیسا نیز عاملی است برای جذب و مراجعه مستمر او به کليسا... در روزهایی که قرار است پس از چندین سال مراسمی مذهبی در کلیسای روستا برگزار شود، کشیش پیر دچار حادثه شده و بستری می شود، * رحمان * به یاری او میرود و در می یابد که او مایل است تا برادرش «ژرژه بر بالین او حاضر شود... رحمان کشیش را به دوست نابینایش «داود» میسپارد تا مراقبش باشد و با کمک یک نوجوان مسیحی، سرانجام ژرژه را مییابد. ژرژه برادرش را به بیمارستان منتقل میکند.رحمان وداوود سعی میکنند تا کلیسا را برای انجام مراسم مورد نظر کشیش پیر آماده کنند، اما در زمان موعود، ژرژه خبر مرگ کشیش را می آورد. امّا کشیش پیر، پیش از مرگ، برای رحمان کارت پستالی از حضرت مریم فرستد.