Son - Mother - مادر


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Son - Mother - مادر

Son - Mother - مادر

Leila does not really have a choice. Ever since her husband died, she had to take care of her 12-year-old son Amir and his little sister on her own, and provide a regular income without support. In addition, the Iranian economy, her free spirit, and the daily gossip could make her loose her factory job at any time. When the lovable, widowed bus driver Kazem proposes to her, she and her son are faced with making a serious decision – because this new marriage is tied to an impossible condition. Director and women’s rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi continues on her chosen path. In this breathless drama, based on a screenplay by dissident critic and filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof, she offers two perspectives of a heart-breaking tragedy set in a religious-patriarchal society, which not only silences women.

روایتگر زندگی مادر تنهایی است که با دو فرزند خود زندگی می‌ کند. مشکلات عدیده مالی و متزلزل بودن موقعیت کاری، او را ناگزیر می‌کند به ازدواج پیشنهاد شده فکر کند و میان تامین امنیت و جدایی از فرزند پسر دوازده ساله‌اش تصمیم بگیرد


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