Phoenix - Simorgh - سیمرغ


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Phoenix - Simorgh - سیمرغ

Phoenix - Simorgh - سیمرغ

Sadegh Haghighi is one of those people who travel to Kuwait, Muscat and Tyre and other lands with an illusion of achieving great successes. He tries to cross the sea illegally, but he gets arrested in the Gulf of Oman and is sent to jail. There he meets Shanbeh, a Balouch guy who is in search of a mysterious imaginary treasure and he is in jail for the various troubles he has caused while he was trying to find the treasure. Sadegh and Shanbeh escape from the jail. Sadegh is a total strager in Baluchestan and has only Shanbeh as his companion. The guards are searching for the two inmates on the run. After the escape, the bond between them gets closer, so Shanbeh asks Sadegh to forget about his travels and accompany him in his journey to find the treasure. Sadegh accepts his offer and so they start their journey.

جوانی به نام شنبه، در پی گنجی است که او را خوشبخت سازد. او با همکاری یک جوان شهری به نام صادق که فراری است، برای یافتن گنج اقدام می کند، اما …


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