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Shirin Was A Canary - Shirin Ghanari Boud - شیرین قناری بود


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Shirin Was A Canary - Shirin Ghanari Boud - شیرین قناری بود

Shirin Was A Canary - Shirin Ghanari Boud - شیرین قناری بود

An idealist young girl wants to fix the society's problems by herself, but is expelled from the school because of her fascination with football.

In rural heights, a school receives a warrant from the Ministry of Education, stating that if the required capacity is not fulfilled, the school should shut down. The teacher decides to go to the neighboring villages, heights, and forests in person to convince all the parents that is a must for their children to get educated. When he falls ill, his fiancée steps forward to assist him. But everything gets more complicated and eventually one of the students volunteers to take responsibility for keeping classes running smoothly…

مدرسه کوهستانی از حد نصاب افتاده است و به زودی تعطیل خواهد شد. اما معلم به دنبال دانش‌آموزان غایب راهی کوهستان برفگیر می‌شود تا دانش‌آموزان خود را بیابد ...


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