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Sheikh Mufid - Sheikh Mofid - شیخ مفید


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Sheikh Mufid - Sheikh Mofid - شیخ مفید

Sheikh Mufid - Sheikh Mofid - شیخ مفید

At his last moments of life, Sheikh Mufid, the great theologian of the 9th and 10th centuries, is reviewing the memories of a 69-year period from his childhood to now while in exile. Mohammad Bin No'man known as Sheikh Mufid, was born at the time of Al-Bouyeh kings who have made Baghdad their capital in order to attenuate the Abbassian dynasty and to make a strong and centralized government on their own. Ethnic conflicts between the Iranians and Arabs have been intensified. Thanks to the mercy of the Absent Imam, he accepts to be the leader of the Alavi and Shia Muslims. Adud al-Dawla, the king, helps him to establish the first religious school, so he tries to expand theology and jurisprudence. When Adud al-Dawla dies, a compromise between the Abbassian dynasty and Ghaznavi Turks and Al-Bouyeh causes all his classes to be closed and they ban him from going to school and teaching the students. They exile Sheikh to kill him in a proper situation.


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