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Sensitive Floor - Tabagheye Hasas - طبقه حساس

Sensitive Floor - Tabagheye Hasas - طبقه حساس

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Portuguese and +20 more languages

Sensitive Floor - Tabagheye Hasas - طبقه حساس

'Sensitive Floor' touches greatness with its unusual yet amusing story of grief, jealousy and neglect. When his wife tragically dies, Haj Kamali, more concerned with his own reputation than his family's grief, organises an exuberant but hasty memorial service to commemorate the woman he always neglected. Returning from China after the funeral, Kamali is horrified to discover that in his absence, another man was buried in his wife's two-storey grave. Overcome with jealousy and determined to avoid the disgrace this will bring, Kamali decides to set things right by removing the dead man and reclaiming his wife.

آقای کمالی که مردی به ظاهر متدین است، بعد از مرگ همسرش، او را در یک قبر دو طبقه دفن می‌کند. سپس برای تقویت روحیه به سفر می‌رود اما پس از بازگشت می‌فهمد که فروشندهٔ قبر کلاه‌بردار بوده طبقهٔ دیگر را که متعلق به آقای کمالی بوده‌است به دیگری فروخته؛ و حالا مردی غریبه به جای او درون قبر در کنار همسرش دفن شده است.

The story of a man who buries his wife in a two floored grave but when he visits her grave after sometime, he realizes that an unknown man is buried on the other floor of the grave.