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Secrets - Razha - رازها

Secrets - Razha - رازها

Subtitles: English and +20 more languages

Secrets - Razha - رازها

Shiva is married to the wealthy Payam, a successful TV personality, and enjoys an easy life thanks to her husband's steady fortune. Unbeknownst to Payam, Shiva has never loved her husband, marrying him instead for the money that she and her cousin constantly and casually misspend. When the truth comes out into the open, Shiva comes up with a plan to murder Payam and see the problem solved. What she does not realise is that Payam is already one step ahead of her. A dark, twisting thriller from Mohammad Reza Elami.

اين فيلم قصه زندگي همه انسانهايي است كه در زندگي آنها رازهاي بسياري نهفته است و افشاي آنها گاهي خنده دار و گاهي ترسناك خواهد بود. رازها يك طنز سياه است.