Secret of the Rainy Night - Raze Shabe Barani - راز شب بارانی


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Secret of the Rainy Night - Raze Shabe Barani - راز شب بارانی

Secret of the Rainy Night - Raze Shabe Barani - راز شب بارانی

A young Doctor, Masoud Haddad, who is spending his internship in one of the southern cities of Iran is found guilty of the murder of Haniyeh Afraei. Dr. Haddad denies the murder charges but all the witnesses are against him. Officer Kiani testifies that he has seen Haniyeh's corpse in Dr. Haddad's car. Haniyeh's husband, Esmaeil Khayami, and her daughter, Monirou, also testify against Masoud. His defenses are pointless, and although one of the clinic's paramedics, Raziyeh Malek, confirms Dr. Haddad's remarks, the victim's husband believes this to be caused by her attraction to Masoud. Dr. Sirafi, a friend of Dr. Haddad, also defends him in court and later on pays him a visit in prison and asks him to hire a lawyer to defend him. When Raziyeh Malek goes to visit Monirou, she finds out that Dr. Haddad is in fact innocent. She finds a boy named Yousef whose testimony will prove Masoud's innocence. Yousef reveals that he is Haniyeh's son from her first marriage whom Esmaeil did not know. He says that his mother's killer is a smuggler called Abdo who was supposed to take him abroad. He fails to do so and when Haniyeh asks him to return the money, he refuses and kills him with a stick which he leaves in Masoud's car. Thanks to Yousef's testimony, the court votes for Dr. Haddad's freedom...

پزشک جوانی که به خاطر ماموریت در شهرستان حضور دارد به جرم قتل خانمی جوان مورد تعقیب قضایی قرار میگیرد و فیلم سینمایی راز شب بارانی ماجرای قتل و حواشی آن است...


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